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Celebrity's Spruce it Up Earl of Curl "Spruce," our 16 lb AKC/CKC miniature red poodle, has the sweetest temperament and is loved by all who meet him. He is people-oriented and loves to perform tricks and to cuddle on your lap. He is 12" tall at the shoulder.

Spruce has genetic testing and is clear through Embark for all 200+ major diseases. (He does carry CDDY/IVDD which is a variant carried by 75% of all mini poodles. The Goldendoodle Association of North America has made the statement that CDDY/IVDD is not a variant of concern for breeding in poodles and doodles.) See his Embark results here.


  • Pennhip 0.32/0.39 (better than the breed average)

  • OFA eyes normal

  • OFA elbows normal

  • OFA patellas normal

  • Fully CHIC Tested​ according to mini poodle standards set by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

  • Genetically tested through Embark, clear for all 200+ major diseases (carries 2 copies of CDDY, which is not a variant of concern as per GANA)

  • See his OFA/CHIC# results here

 He is negative for Brucellosis as of April 2023.


Spruce loves working with people and responds to training quickly. His titles include Canine Conditioning and Fitness Levels 1 & 2, and AKC Novice Trick Dog, earned when he was only six months old. 


His color genetics are:

ee (red fur, 7/10 intermediate intensity)

BB (black nose and points, does not carry brown/chocolate fur, liver-colored noses or paws)

kyky atay (can throw phantom and sable, if bred with the right female, and he does NOT carry Kb which blocks expression of these coat patterns!)

SS (does not carry parti)

mm (does not carry merle)

+/+ furnishings (fur on muzzle/eyebrows, associated with low to non-shedding)

+/+ curls (all his pups will inherit one curl gene from him)


Spruce has thrown cream, apricot, red, black, phantom, sable, and tricolor puppies (see past puppies below) with signature teddy-bear faces, and sweet, intelligent, people-oriented dispositions.

We are experienced with collection, shipping of fresh-chilled semen, and in-house artificial insemination. 

Stud Service Menu

$1000 - If progesterone testing has been done on the female and she is bred on her most fertile days, we guarantee she will have a minimum of 2 live puppies born, or we will provide a free rebreed on next cycle. If no progesterone testing is done, pregnancy is not guaranteed but re-breeds are discounted to $600 per new cycle .

In-house artificial insemination services are available in Columbia, SC at no additional cost for females bred to Spruce.

$1000 will also cover everything needed for shipping to the 48 contiguous US states, including sperm collection, insulated foam shipper, semen extender, preparation, basic viewing under a microscope, and overnight shipping. 

+$50 upcharge for FedEX First Overnight 

+$100 rush charge for same-day services​​

View the full stud contract here.

Priority List

(please note, Celebrity Doodles girls have priority over outside stud appointments.)​​



1. Foxey, Border Collie, CA

2. Ginger, Mini Poodle, SC

3. Zoey, Mini Poodle, NC 

4. Holly, Mini Goldendoodle, SC

5. Mocha, Mini doodle, NC 

6. Fiona, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, VT

7. Willow, Mini Poodle, NC

8. Luna, Miini Goldendoodle, TN

9. open

10. open


1. Celebrity's All Your Dreams "Allie", Celebrity Doodles, Mini Goldendoodle

2. Celebrity's Perfect Peach "Peach," Celebrity Doodles, Mini Goldendoodle

3. open

4. open

5. open 

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If you are interested in using Spruce as a stud, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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