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* Our upcoming Winter 2023 litter is now fully reserved *

Applications are open for two litters in 2024

Our Program: 

- Only one to two litters per year, so we can give our full attention to our pups

- Goldendoodle Association of America (GANA) Blue Ribbon Breeder

- Continental Kennel Club Preferred Breeder

- Good Dog "Excellent" Breeder

- CKC/AKC registered parents with genetic panel testing and OFA health certifications on all breeding dogs (eyes, heart, hips, elbows, patellas)

- DMWYD and AKC titles 

- have bred standard/medium in past but now focusing only on miniature Goldendoodle puppies

- extensive puppy curriculum and socialization using Puppy Culture and positive rewards methods (Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, early potty training on grass, crate introduction, acclimation to noises, surfaces, smells, new people, animals, etc)

- vet-checked, microchipped, dewormed, first vaccines, flea/heartworm prevention, 2 year health guarantee 

- we love our puppies, raise them in our home, and care about them for their lifetime!

About Goldendoodles:

Goldendoodles are a hybrid between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. The highly sought-after F1BB generation that we produce is genetically 7/8 poodle and 1/8 Golden Retriever. Having more poodle in the mix makes it more likely that these dogs will be low-shedding/non-shedding. They tend to be better for people with allergies. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be completely hypoallergenic or nonshedding.  

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide high quality, happy, healthy companion dogs that bring joy to their families, and we are proud to have achieved that goal with our past puppies! 

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Rosa, Dallas

I think Jagi is special because of his sweet personality. He’s so friendly and open to everyone while also being very protective whenever we go out. Overall, he’s a great emotional support dog and is always so calm and focused on everyone’s well-being! 


Whitney, Dallas

Boots is the best! He has been the greatest addition to our family. He goes everywhere with us. Boots has become such a big part of our family, we love him so much. We can’t thank you enough!


Rose, San Francisco

Bobo has been settling in wonderfully. He's already learned to take himself out to his potty area, and we've only had 2 accidents a day for the past three days! He had his first play date with some older friendly dogs and he did great! By the end of the evening he was asleep cuddling with another dog. He's doing fantastic at his training, and is showing great impulse control with "stay" and "leave it", recall in different environments, retrieving, and loose leash walking skills. 

He's been loving digging up the driveway, running on the beach, and cuddling. We are truly blown away with his incredible temperament!


Carrie, Austin

We adopted our mini goldendoodle from Celebrity Doodles in January 2022, and he's just the best dog. He loves kids, cats, and dogs. He happily sleeps in his crate all night. He's chill for groomer visits, and he learns so fast. Seriously the easiest puppy we have ever had. We appreciate all the early socialization Celebrity Doodles does with their puppies. And they have been super helpful with advice and recommendations for us. Highly recommend!


Sebastian, Dallas

Chloe is the BEST pet I’ve ever owned! Thank you for all the hard work you put in, it really shows!


Kelly, Denver

Murphy brings us SO MUCH JOY! Thank you for breeding such smart and loving pups! 


Brodie, Boston

We love Sadie Mae! She has been the greatest addition. Easy to train, lovable, playful & sweet with the boys. Her behavior & obedience has just become sweeter and more immediate over time. Her playfulness with the boys and tolerance of our boys’ playfulness never ceases to amaze us. Andrew and I often comment on what an amazing family dog she is and how happy we are we found her. You picked great parents and then gave them such a wonderful start. Thank you again!

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the puppy you are hoping for.

Columbia, South Carolina

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